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Shaping The Future
of ESG Data 

"The future belongs to those who recognise opportunities before they become obvious." (Oscar Wilde)


3rd Party Sources

We focus exclusively on sources that are not directly controlled by the companies.

This includes media content such as online news, which we analyze over several years. Due to the global coverage, we also process local news and find aspects that do not reach the international press.

We complement the sources with geospatial datasets, which are mainly used to evaluate the locations of a company (factories etc.). Here we use a large number of data sets, which are condensed into statements.

Three Dimensions
of ESG
Asset Locations & Company Structure

To get a complete picture of a company, it takes 


Focus on company: ESG activities with a direct impact on the company's profit and value.


Focus on society: ESG factors that influence the society and environment in which a company operates.

Situational awareness: ESG factors that a company finds in a certain geographical location. Independent of the company's own behavior. 

Large companies are complex entities. To map them comprehensively, details of legal structures (e.g. subsidiaries) and local knowledge of production sites are needed.


We find this important and place a special focus on it.

Broad Access through Affordable Data

One of the most commonly cited criticisms of ESG data is the price. At allESG, we are doing a lot to make sure this changes.


We hope that this will lead to more of such data being included in decision making.

About Us




Financial Markets
ESG Factors Focusing Impact Investing

What impact does the company have on society? We measure the behavior of a company with regard to its impact on society.

Here, factors are also taken into account that may not be so important for the company, but are important for society. 

We are convinced that the long-term survival of a company is also associated with a positive benefit for society.

Financial Markets
ESG Factors Focusing Financial Performance

What influence does ESG behavior have on the value and economic performance of a company? 

For this purpose, we focus on those ESG factors that are favorable to this analysis. 

We have the ability to align our classification with that of established frameworks.

What We Offer

Risk & Supply Chain
Behavior-based Risk Assessment from Adverse Media

We access 10 years of online news and analyze them for relevant ESG events. This pool grows daily by about 2 million articles.
The mentions are categorized and rated according to their sentiment. The most common ESG frameworks form the basis for the categorization. 
In addition, the most important topics are identified and presented using typical phrases.

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Risk & Supply Chain
Location-based ESG-Scorecard from Geospatial Data

We evaluate assets based on their local ESG situation, in which they find themselves regardless of their behavior. We rely on more than 50 datasets (satellite data, maps, ...) covering many different ESG aspects.

For example, in the context of climate, we are looking more at the direct and indirect effects of climate change and less at the causes or polluters.

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SAAS & Raw Data
ESG Text Analytics
NLP-Engine as a Service

Our NLP-engine can also be used with other content types (like CSR-reports).

We search all statements about ESG and classify them by around 75 ESG categories.

Condensed or as raw data; depending on the application purpose.


Closing Data Gaps

In our solution, we rely entirely on an external assessment of the companies. At the same time, traditional providers often rely on self-declared ESG scores. At best, the data show the same picture and complement each other. If not, there are definitely opportunities for investors. 


We have set ourselves the goal of closing further "data gaps". For example, we cover public and private companies, projects and organizations; whether in a positive or negative ESG context.

Scalable AI-Solution

Our service works for 50, 500 or 50,000 companies.


Thanks to a fully automated solution, we are able to update our data quickly and comprehensively. To do this, we use the latest developments in LLMs, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). 


We have a proprietary technology that greatly simplifies the training of additional categories and has a built-in multilingual capability.

Delivered near You

We deliver our data via platforms and data stores that our customers already work with. This makes the customer integration and onboarding process much easier. 


Today, ESG data is often mixed with other data and included in almost all important business decisions. Looking at ESG data in isolation makes less and less sense. That's why we don't have our own platform.  

Independent & Fresh View
on ESG Data 

The ESG data market is changing rapidly. There are new requirements and at the same time new data allows a better assessment. 


We are independent and can incorporate these new aspects into our products. At the same time, we believe in the power of partnerships. That is why we have teamed up with successful partners outside our core competencies.

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